onsdag den 7. december 2016


Hello dear friends. 
This is my latest Christmas card, which I created yesterday.
It is not real finished here, as I forgot to take a picture
of it after having distressed the edge around Baby Jesus ,
with Archival  Ink -Hydrangea, but that is for your
imagination to see :-) 
The background is very thin paper, sprayed with infusions
stamped with the snowflake stamps, and using 
a snowflake stencil.

But back to the gift of wings !! 
I was dearly gifted a handful of wings from a lovely
friend last week, and she also added other lovely
pieces made in moulds.

I so love these wings ,and would love to be able buying 
the mould.
And on top of all that I also found this ,dearest
stocking ,handmade and so beautiful with pearls and laces. 
Thank you from my heart , my friend,
you really made my day special and filled with joy !!

I as some of you know, started decorating, and here are 
a few of my little Snow-angels from last year. 

Each in woolen coats, and skirts made from
old handkerchiefs ,with laces. 
Each bringing love !!

Thank you for visiting me, you are all so very
important and a beautiful part of my life .

Hugs and love

fredag den 25. november 2016


Many years my dear friend Solvejg, made this tree for my shop, 
and I decided to buy one myself , it was green back then, but in my
new "white" sitting room, " it looks better in white, and my husbond 
sweetly painted it for me .

I have hung the most beautiful tags and ornaments
onto its branches,--all pieces I have received from
very dear blogging friends, over the years.

They are all beautiful, serene,

Lovely and sweet,

So beautifully created ,

All showing the joy , 

and spirit of Christmas.

I feel so blessed to have so many friends, with warm hearts
all over the world, and I treasure the different ,
winter creations, which are all unpacked, every year.
These are only a few examples , more will be added later .

This tree created by stacking lots of paper bits on top of each other,--
another Danish friend created for a Christmas Market, I visited
last weekend.  I think they are so lovely ,and this stands in an old
silvery cup, which you unfortunately, can`t see, in the photo.

I hope your weekend have started lovely, and wishes you 2 beautiful days ahead !!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear American friends !!
Hugs and love from Dorthe,--
and thank you for visiting my blog, it is a joy
seeing you here!!!

onsdag den 9. november 2016


So what would be more wonderful, than spending time 
creating a little Christmas joy !! 

This ornament is created from a wooden Christmas ball,
given to me from my very dear friend Lynne , together with the 
leaf and pom,pom`s , too. Thank you my lovely friend.

I first painted it all white, then used a lot of gesso to form the snow feeling,
and on the leaf I also added : Crust velvet white flock, showing up 
almost like soft snow. The acorns are filled with two pom,pom`s ,and around them I added
more of them, with a lot of Diamond Dust.

I made the flower, and added two beautiful real crystals ,
from where it can hang. 

Something else, a sneak peak of a card, where I used 
beautiful old embroidered fabric, another handmade rose, and even
some brown packaging material, from a packet from USA. 
You know I like to mix  fabric and papers.

And last, natures beauty!!
what could be more gorgeous, than these, almost ,skeleton leaves,
I found on one of my walks, and brought home !!

I hope you all are finding time to cozy up with ,whatever
makes you happy to create, and to enjoy quiet and inspirational
hours !!

Hugs and love

søndag den 16. oktober 2016


Yes a corner of another Christmas card created last week.
I love this stamp from Artistic Outpost, and helped
the winter arrive with texture paste, and snow pearls !!
Remember to click on the photos, if you wants a bigger
look ,at them !!

Yesterday my husband and I walked 5 kilometers in a nearby
wood, and as you can see I only have to bend down, to collect
cones for this years decorations , they are there in their thousands!!

Here on Bornholm we still have many green leaves on the trees, only few are becoming yellow.
The warm Baltic Sea, still hold sommers warmth !!

A grey day, but still with a little pale sun shining on the beautiful sea!!

This week starting tomorrow, my dear grandchild Mathilde will visit us,
and I will therefore not have much time on blogs, or FB,
but see you next weekend again, dear friends !!

Hugs and love from Dorthe 

lørdag den 8. oktober 2016

My first Christmas card , this year .

My husband and I had a walk to the beach last week, it was a cold
and half grey day, as you can see on this picture. 
All of you  knowing me for long, and knowing my former life , close
to the sea, can maybe also see the difference on the coast lines.
Where we lived before it was very rocky and not much of a sand-beach,
whereas here it is only sand and very small pieces of stones, in the sand.
There will surely be other pictures later.

And this the very last rose bouquet from my old garden. ..the new
owners arrive this week :-)

So here is my first Christmas card, I love the
Dinky stencils from That `s Crafty`, they have a wonderful
size , so fitting for cards, and this brick one, is a favorite .

The sweet deer was a gift from my dear friend Lynne https://lynnesbowsandbelles.wordpress.com/
and the background is a piece of tissue paper I found.
I used grounge paste for the snow, 

and the die of ivy fitted lovely here ,growing on the old wall, through
witch we can see the idyllic scene with the deer,and the geese emigrating !!

I so hope all dear friends in the areas of  Matthew, are all safe,
and without serious damages !!!!

I wish you all a lovely weekend 
Hugs and love

mandag den 26. september 2016

A few photos from my new home .

A new week started, and even autumn is here, we still have a lovely
sunny and mild weather.

I`m getting closer to finish my interior decorations, and wnated
to show you a few corners, from my home.
This first photo is from the window in my workroom,
showing the most beautiful art card from my dear friend Suzy.
SORRY for the "greeting" from a bird on my window, LOL .
I have enjoyed unpacking art from my friends, from all
over the world, after moving.

This is the dining room corner, facing the street , so much light from
outside, so not very good, but you get an idea od my white corner .

Back in my workroom again, shelves and shelves filled with
materials and here and there, beauty from friends.
The beautiful hanging paper bag, was a gift from my dear Lynne ,
filled with goodies, and the little birdhouse on the shelf, too 

I wanted to show you my bulletin board ,also, but the photos I have are all
'so filled with too much light, so I`m trying again, another time.

I hope, you all have had a wonderful weekend, and wishes you
lots of lovely hours, in the new started week.

Hugs and love

fredag den 9. september 2016

Dear friends, I hope you haven`t totally forgotten me, in my absence  from
my blog, and yours....... 

We are finally almost settled, and I love it very much here, in my new home.
This is the view from the kitchen table to the garden. 
The beautiful Dahlia bouquet, are from my old garden, which
for this month, is still ours !!

A little shot from one of the bureaus, this is in one os the 
dining rooms, and as you see filled with a little collection of
old pieces, and beautiful art from my friends. 
The little blue paper mache heart is from my dear Lynne-, 
and the book with the bird, is one I once bought from dear Dawn, both such lovely friends.

This is from outside with some of my treasures ,
the head, created by my friend Matthias Masswig- and I
love the lead leaves with a crystal as flower, on top.

I hope to see you all again, and will slowly visit each and everyone of you, 
as I used, before. 


Hugs and love from Dorthe